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Doctors, attorneys, business owners, managers, and busy professionals everywhere have regained their optimal health, mastery of how they look and feel, and UNSTOPPABLE energy with Belldon's simple, fast, cellular-biology-based
Nutritional Fitness Method

Old Health Model

Have you thrown every new diet, shake, program, exercise, and gadget at your body, hoping that something would finally stick? I did... for decades. This is "the human dartboard," and it is the old health model. Have you been doing this, too?

Nutritional Fitness

In fact, everything that happens in your body, everything, is the result of a series of chemical reactions. The weight loss and wellness results you want from your body are achieved by putting the right ingredients in the "beaker". This is Nutritional Fitness.


When the right things are in your body's beaker, those ingredients that optimize your unique body chemistry, weight loss and energy become automatic, consistent, and predictable. And so does optimal health! Now seriously, how cool is that?

Dr. Cohen, Optometrist

"I have seen not only weight loss, but improved health overall for myself and many of my patients."
Dr. Larry Cohen

The Stantons, Business Owners

"It was fun to do this together as a couple, and much easier than we had imagined."
The Stantons

Tom H., Firefighter

"I had lost my health over the years, even as a fireman. It feels really good to be back in shape."
Tom H.

Hi, I'm Belldon

Do you put a premium on time, control, and results? Then I can help you to lose weight and

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I love my family. I love my work and my clients. And I love to travel; to see and experience this amazing world we live in.

If you love these same things, don't you want to enjoy them without the pain, embarrassment, and energy drain that comes from being overweight, exhausted and suffering chronic pain, and even illness?

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